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Stuff Dads Say: The Most Important Messages From Dad

My second E-book is now available for download.  This book is the culmination of a very long process. I have been reflecting and writing about the messages I send my boys through my words and behavior.  I have learned to be more intentional and less reactive in the most stressful moments of parenting.  I  hope to send more helpful messages that stick with them for their entire life.

Download the E-book Stuff Dads Say

What messages did you receive from your father as a child? Stuff Dads Say is comprised of ten encouraging and thoughtful reflections on the most important messages that dads send to their children. This book is full of the humorous, and challenging real life stories of one dad’s experiment in parenthood. You will be challenged to consider how your words and actions impact the beliefs of your children. The real life stories will encourage you to laugh and play your way to a stronger relationship with your child.

Parenting Peace

  I have been working diligently to share this resource with parents and those who work with them for several years and now the times has come.  Please go  Here to download your copy of this wonderful new resource for parents.  Share the link with your friends, Pastor, youth leader, or whom ever you think might be interested.  Check back here for updates about special offers and other new resources

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