The Facade of Manliness–a discussion with Chopper Poppa

Chopper Poppa is Kyle Bradford a father of two.  He is passionate about his children and fatherhood.  He recently invited me to join him for his podcast Fatherhood Wide Open.  We discussed a post I had written when I first started my blog.  “The Fortress of Solitude” was a post I wrote while thinking about what it means to be a man and how I can best influence my boys to reaching this ideal.  Kyle and I discussed the difference between authentic manhood and a facade of manliness designed to emotionally isolate oneself from others.  We discussed how parents unintentionally lock their boys into a fortress of solitude and some important ways to protect them from relational isolation.  Follow the link below to hear more of the discussion.

Fatherhood Wide Open–The Facade of Manliness

Parenting Peace

I truly believe that parenting is the most difficult job in the world.  The wonderful part is that many times when we encounter challenges personal growth follows.  In my personal experience I have found parenting to be one of the most powerful character-building factors in my life. I’m not even done with the process yet.   The most difficult part of parenting is to balance all the different skills that need to be used on a daily basis.  How much freedom is appropriate for my teenager?  How emotionally involved should I be in my child’s daily life.  What level of responsibility is necessary for my child’s age?  How do I encourage my child’s growth in identity?

I have struggled with these questions since I became a parent and am so thankful for the lessons learned a long the way.  I have come to believe that the four most important areas of parenting are Encouraging Challenges, Modeling Care, Giving up Control, and Being Present.  I believe that if parents can find the balance in these four principles they will also find “Parenting Peace.”

One night over three years ago, I could not sleep; my head was filled with ideas for a parenting workbook.  I could not shut my thoughts off so I got up and began to write what has become my newly released E-workbook “Parenting Peace.”  The book has taken several different forms in this time.  It began as a parenting seminar that I presented to groups of parents; I then developed it into a parenting class that I taught while in private practice.  It has now become what I never imagined, an E-workbook to be downloaded and used by individuals or groups.

I am very excited to share this resource with parents and those that serve them.  I am hopeful that the parenting instruction and self-reflection exercises contained in the book will help those who read it.  Please follow the links below to find out more information about the E-workbook.   Contact me if you have questions, and especially if you have any form of feedback.  If you know of a friend, therapist, or pastor who might be interested in using it feel free to share the link.